Bagi Rapot

Term 1

Raisha’s okay now (setelah masa nangis2 yang cukup panjang di awal masuk Reception, padahal waktu Kindergarten aja cuma 2 hari, padahal lagi, temen, kelas, dan lingkungannya itu2 aja). She could follow the lessons, could work neat and tidy, she’s happy in the class, that we should not be worried about her. Only she found it hard when she had to start something new. She would be whining with a desperate face, “Teacher, I can not do it, how to do it, teacher.” For example, yesterday, when I told the students to write a sentence, ‘The mug is on the table’ and draw an illustration of it. But when I gave her an example of drawing, she really could copy it nicely. So, she just needed a little encouragement when she felt frustrated.

Term 2

Remember when I told you last term that she always said, “Teacher, I can not do it, how to do it teacher?”, when Raisha had to start something new?
Now, she did not do it anymore. The last time I told the students to write a sentence, ‘My favourite food is chicken’ and an illustration of it, she drew a girl, a table and a plate on the table. When I asked her, “Where is the chicken, Raisha?”
She answered, “Finish. It’s already in my tummy, it’s my favourite food.”
In other words, she was going better and better. She knew alphabet very well, she was doing fine with number, she was always good in spelling tests, she was always happy to come to school. You don’t need to worry about her, she already can adapt to reception class.

Term 3

Please have a sit (sambil nunjuk kursi kecil di hadapannya, di atas meja kecil tempat anak2 tk belajar, ada setumpuk buku hasil kerja Raisha selama setaun ini di kelas).
These are the places for our top students to sit every day (saya merhatiin beberapa meja kecil yang disatuin, di sekelilingnya ada kursi2 kecil seperti yang saya dudukin). This group of students only needs a little bit of instructions with minimum attention. They can work independently without help, they can easily understand what they need to do, which is very much lessen the teachers work as we can pay attention to the other students who need more aid.
This is where Raisha sits…
If you’re wondering how her exam was, I can tell you that she passed the exam with the flying marks. You must be proud of her.
And if the principal asked me whether Raisha can go up to year 1, I will definitely say YES!


  1. Ndah… kabar baeeee
    Kangen sekali juga nih…, sayang blm mampir aja nang Surabaya. Mudah2an Desember ya 🙂

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