Grow a little older

Long time no write, the kids grow a little bit older. Raisha just celebrated her 4th birthday last month. She now became more independent. Eat, shower, pee, and brush her teeth by herself. It helped me so much to lower my load at home as her younger sister becoming more and more active.
Her academic potency was progressing as mentioned in the year end report from school. I guess I don’t need to worry about that.
Instead of latin alphabet she learnt at school, she also has started to learn arabic hijaiyah. At this moment she’s in the second book of Qiroati.
Her short daily prayers/supplication (du’a) memorization started to slow down, not as fast as when she was 3, but it might caused by me. I think I have tought her all the daily prayer I had so I have to improve myself first before teaching her new du’a.
Anyway, she got the first prize for du’a recitation in the Ramadhan Weekend Special for kindergarten class 🙂

She has started to memorize short surah (juz ‘amma) and alfatihah. Child is very fast when it comes to memorize something. So I need to add my recitation of juz ‘amma, otherwise she will beat me hehe (I remembered Ust. Muntaha reminded us a lot about this, “Masa dari SD sampe sekarang hafalannya cuman dari AnNaas sampe AdhDhuha aja.” Gubrags, tersindir berat).

Raisha also paid a great attention to music. For the last three month she has started to learn piano lesson at Yamaha Music Course and looked like she really enjoys.

Meanwhile Dinda is 1.5 year old now. Her vocabularies were still limited to bapak, teteh, mamam, mimi. Luckily her gross motoric skills were progressing a lot. She now could climb the stairs without help (and made my heart almost stop beating), unfasten her harness in the car seat (and climb down the carseat to reach me while I’m still driving, omG), climb the chair up and down, etc.
Her fine motoric skills were improving as well. She could feed herself (and make a big mess rightafter), scribble (including on the wall hiks hiks), and play with lego.
She’s also a real copycat. She copied everything she saw which made her interested such as brooming the house, combing the hair, calling with the telephone (and made the home phone broken) singing and dancing to the rhytme she heard.

One thing that made me feel very surprised about her was that she often went to the toilet when she need to poo; took off her pants and diaper by herself and asked me to carry her to the watercloset.


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