What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical Engineering is the most misunderstood major among all the engineering majors. Many people think that we are the guys who work in the Chemical Laboratories which is incorrect!!

So, what is Chemical Engineering?

Our modern society relies on the work of Chemical Engineers – they help manage resources, protect the environment and control health and safety procedures, while developing the processes that make the products we desire or depend on.

Chemical Engineering is all about changing raw materials into useful products you use everyday in a safe and cost effective way. For example petrol, plastics and synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon, all come from oil.

Chemical Engineers understand how to change the chemical, biochemical or physical state of a substance, to create everything from face creams to fuels.

Biochemical Engineering, a more recent offshoot of Chemical Engineering, uses the very latest technology to produce pharmaceuticals and foods.

What do Chemical Engineers do?
Chemical Engineers play a crucial role in everyday life. Chemical Engineers are involved in the design, modification and operation of processes to produce desirable products. They are employed across a huge variety of sectors including:
* Chemical and allied products
* Pharmaceuticals
* Energy
* Water
* Food & Drink
* Materials
* Oil & Gas (where I’m employed :-))
* Process Plants & Equipment
* Biotechnology
* Business and Management
* Consultancy

Chemical Engineers must make decisions concerning:
* Which reaction pathway should be used to make the product?
* How to purify the desired product?
* How to control the process and ensure it is safe?
* How to make the process cost effective?
* What should be done with any by-products formed?
* How to reduce the amounts of unwanted by-products formed?
* What to do with unreacted raw materials?
* How to recycle energy within the process?

Written by:
Awad M. Al Sayaari
Process Engineer

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  1. weleh weleh Vid, kalo kayak gini caranya, gue jadi tambah bingung 😀

    kok tumben posting yang kayak ginian?

    btw, chemical engineers itu juga kudu ‘turun’ ke lab lagi, karena, untuk modify process, a chemical engineer has to know the phenomena. Dan itu cuman bisa dikerjain di lab *apalagi kalo’ dalam menentukan reaction pathway :P*

    ah, biarlah… yang penting that we love our job 😉

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